“The Freud Conference is the largest and arguably the most important intellectual event in the Australian psychoanalytical calendar.”
Phillip Adams, 2009.

Late Night Live with Phillip Adams, The Conversation Hour with Jon Faine /Richelle Hunt, Life Matters with Hilary Harper/Angela Owens, and The Drawing Room with Patricia Karvelas.

ABC podcasts:

2019: Homo Sapiens or Homo AI: Mark Solms and Toby Walsh 
The Conversation Hour with Richelle Hunt and Jonathon Kendall

Prof Mark Solms is Director of Neuropsychology at the University of Cape Town and Groote Schuur Hospital, and a wine maker at Solms-Delta Wine Estate. He is the author of books including The Feeling Brain (Routledge), The Neuropsychology of Dreams (Psychology Press), and with Oliver Turnbull, The Brain and the Inner World (Other Press). Mark is the editor and translator of the forthcoming Revised Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud (24 vols) and Complete Neuroscientific Works of Sigmund Freud (4 vols).

Prof Toby Walsh is Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence at UNSW, and leads the Algorithmic Decision Theory group at Data61, Australia’s Centre of Excellence for Information and Communication Technologies Research. He is the author of It’s Alive: Artificial Intelligence from the LogicPiano to Killer Robots, and 2062: The World that AI Made (La Trobe University Press).
Interview starts at 25:45 to 44:12 Duration: 18:30
Broadcast: Fri 24 May 2019, 11:00am

2018: Turbulent times: Freud and Populism: Phil Stokoe
The Conversation Hour with Jon Faine
What has been driving the rise of populist politics around the globe?
Why are so many countries, separated by tens-of-thousands of kilometres, with very different cultures, all experiencing a similar trend?

” the thing that is most powerful for all of us is anxiety, and….”

Phil Stokoe is a Psychoanalyst and Organisational Consultant, and is a Training Analyst with the British Psychotherapy Foundation, and was the Clinical Director at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust in London. Phil is in Melbourne for the 2018 Freud Conference: Turbulent Times: populism and the attack on knowledge elites – psychoanalytic and political science perspectives. 
Interview starts at 11.20 to 29.10 Duration: 17:50
Broadcast: Fri 25 May 2018, 11:00am

Turbulent Times: Freud and Populism
By Patricia Karvelas on The Drawing Room
Broadcast: Mon 11 Jun 2018, 7:15pm
Eve Steel, Child psychotherapist and psychoanalyst
Philip Stokoe, Psychoanalyst & organisational consultant

2017: Psychoanalysis in the Technoculture Era: Challenges of the Black Mirror
Interview by Phillip Adams on Late Night Live with Dr Heather Wood, Psychoanalyst and psychotherapist with the Portman Clinic in London.

The use of internet pornography is becoming one of the most common reasons people seek professional help. Existing studies suggest that 3 – 6 % of all internet users are addicted to the internet and roughly 1% of all internet users are addicted to internet sex. The percentages are small but the potential numbers huge.

So at what point does its use become a problem? And by the same token, is it possible that the ubiquity of images of child pornography is creating a taste for paedophilia, where formerly they may not have been tempted?
Duration: 15:30
Broadcast: Mon 15 May 2017, 10:40pm

2016: Politics, Society and the Individual: a psychoanalytical consideration of corruption, feminism and exclusion.

Frontier Psychoanalyst Radio: Politics, Society and the Individual
This podcast series explores the links between perversion in the individual and corruption in society. Using clinical and research work with whistle-blowers, refugees and political theorists David Morgan shows how a psychoanalytical understanding of destructiveness can contribute to the comprehension of fundamentalist politics.

The series examines the psychological aspects of political life and social experience with psychoanalyst and consultant psychotherapist Dr David Morgan, who discusses the effect of power on the mind of the politician. His guests are psychoanalyst Phil Stokoe; Dr Elizabeth Cotton, Director of Surviving Work and Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University; and Professor Andy Cormio, editor of Occupy and a philosopher of art at Kent University.

Mixcloud podcast

David Morgan Firing the Mind

Dr David Morgan is a training and supervising analyst with the British Psychoanalytic Association and Consultant psychotherapist at Portman Clinic, and Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust – a specialist service for patients with violent and sexual behaviours. He is co-editor with Stan Ruszczynski of Violence, Perversion & Delinquency and editor of The Political Mind. David has been a frequent commentator in the media on various topics including perversion, whistleblowing, migration, love, incest and bigamy. He has also been organizer of the Political Mind Seminars for the British Psychoanalytic Society.

2015: Religion, fanaticism and psychoanalysis
Interview by Phillip Adams on Late Night Live with Dr Werner Bohleber and Professor Dr Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber
There are as many as 850 young Germans who have left to fight with Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Psychoanalysts, Werner Bohleber and Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber say the transformation of the personality in the process of the recruitment of adolescents by groups such as ISIS, happens in phases and amounts to a form of brainwashing.
Duration: 17:35
Broadcast: Tue 5 May 2015, 10:20pm
Dr Werner Bohleber
Former President of the German Psychoanalytical Association; training analyst; editor of the German psychoanalytical journal Psyche.
Professor Dr Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber
Executive Director of the Sigmund Freud Institute in Frankfurt, Germany; Professor of Psychoanalysis at the Department of Education and Human Sciences at the University of Kassel.

2014: A Stranger in my Own Body: Dr Domenico De Ceglie
Life Matters with Hilary Harper/ Angela Owens
Imagine growing up and being told you’re a boy. or a girl, but feeling intensely that something feels strange about that label. This can be an experience for even very young children.For some that becomes an unshakeable feeling of being a stranger in one’s own body, and it might take you decades to muster up the courage to explore what that disconnect is about… and that’s when some people start to identify as transgender. But what if someone empathised with and validated those feelings of gender dysphoria very early on in your life… in your childhood or teens…

That’s the work of the groundbreaking, and controversial Gender Identity Development Unit at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust based in North London.We meet its founder Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr Domenico De Ceglie who’s visited Australia for the Freud Conference in 2014.
Duration: 21:30
Broadcast: Fri 16 Jan 2015, 9:20am

2013: UPROOTED MINDS: Nancy Hollander and Julian Burnside
Psychological and political repression

By Phillip Adams on Late Night Live
Nancy Hollander discusses the psychological meanings of living under authoritarian political conditions in Latin America, and shows how a psychoanalysis “beyond the couch” contributes to social struggles on behalf of human rights and redistributive justice. Dr Nancy Hollander is keynote speaker, together with Julian Burnside at this year’s Melbourne Freud Conference, Saturday 18 May.
Duration: 28:18
Broadcast: Wed 1 May 2013, 10:20pm
Dr Nancy Hollander
is a research psychoanalyst in private practice. She also holds a number of distinguished academic positions, including Professor Emeritus of Latin American History, California State University. Nancy has explored the psychosocial dynamic and dramatic life changes in the post 9/11 USA, with its broader implications internationally, and the psychological meanings of living in tumultuous political, economic and social conditions. She has analysed how experience in the social/political life of patients inevitably makes its way into the clinical setting. A prolific writer, Nancy’s books include Uprooted Minds: Surviving the Politics of Terror in the Americas. She has also directed films and hosted a regular program on Pacifica Radio on various themes, including Psychoanalysis and Politics.

Dr Julian Burnside
AO QC, is an Australian barrister, human rights and refugee advocate, and author. Whilst maintaining his practice as a commercial litigator, appearing in many major class actions, Julian is particularly known for his staunch opposition to the mandatory detention of asylum seekers. He has also acted in several major cases on behalf of Indigenous Australians.

2012: The Centre Cannot Hold: Violence and psychosis: Why they sometimes go together but often don’t
The theme of this year’s Freud Conference is taken from the title of Dr. Elyn Saks’ book, The Centre Cannot Hold. Elyn is one of the keynote speakers at the conference along with Dr Carine Minne. Amongst the issue discussed are the psychoanalytic treatment of dangerous patients in a high security hospital and mental illness and high achievers.

Dr Elyn Saks, USA, is the Orrin B. Evans Professor of Law, Psychology, Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences, at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law; Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Diego School of Medicine; on the Faculty, New Center for Psychoanalysis; and Director, Saks Institute for Mental Health Law, Policy, and Ethics. She has received several prestigious awards, including a 2009 American Fellowship “genius grant” by the MacArthur Foundation. Throughout this very rich and fulfilling life, Elyn has struggled with severe schizophrenia, described in her most recent book The Centre Cannot Hold: My Journey through Madness.
Duration: 25:57
Broadcast: Monday April 30, 2012

2011: When the Cradle Does Not Hold: How to treat violent children
By Phillip Adams on Late Night Live
.Judith Jackson and John McClean are keynote speakers at this year’s Freud Conference. They will be discussing violence in children, working with a violent child, parental indulgence and the relationships between psychoanalysis and literature and film.
Duration: 16:48
Broadcast: May 2, 2011
Judith Jackson, UK, is a child and adult psychoanalyst and a Fellow of the Institute of Psychoanalysis. She teaches at the Tavistock Clinic, the Institute of Psychoanalysis, and is involved in the training of child psychoanalysts. For 20 years she was Dean of the Lincoln Centre for Psychotherapy, and ran workshops in South Africa and Italy. Judith has published in the Journal of Child Psychotherapy and the Journal of Psychoanalytic Infant Observation, and is regularly invited as an international speaker.

John MccLean, FRANZCP, Sydney, is President of the Australian Psychoanalytical Society and a Training and Supervising analyst. He has a particular interest in the relationships between psychoanalysis and literature and film.

2010: Besides Human”Animals, Things, Space, Time and God
By Phillip Adams on Late Night Live
Dr Salman Akhtar has been described as ‘one of the most original and creative voices in psychoanalysis today’. He is an award-winning professor of psychiatry at the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, a lecturer at Harvard Medical School, and a poet published in English and Urdu. Salman will be visiting Australia to address the 2010 Freud Conference on the role that animals, things, space, time and God have in the formation of personality.
Duration: 20:46
Broadcast: Thu 13 May 2010, 10:18pm
Salman Akhtar, Professor of Psychiatry at the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, a lecturer at Harvard Medical School,scholar in residence at the Interact Theatre Company and author. Books by Salman Akhtar

2009: Vermeer, Orpheus and the Blues: a journey into creativity
By Phillip Adams on Late Night Live
A discussion with Dr Mark Howard and Dr Michael Parsons, speakers at this year’s Freud Conference being held in Melbourne. They talk about the concept of what it means to be fully alive and what this question has to do with psychoanalysis.
Duration: 24:30.
Broadcast: Tue 19 May 2009, 10:40pm
Dr Mark Howard
is a Training Analyst of the Australian Psychoanalytical Society who works in private practice in Sydney. He trained in the Humanities, mainly philosophy, prior to studying medicine, psychiatry and psychoanalysis. Mark’s clinical areas of interest include psychosis, and symbol formation. His other interests include the history of ideas, and analytic conversations with the creative arts. He has presented at several national conferences and provided outreach public lectures with the Sydney Branch of the APAS.

Dr Michael Parsons
Training Analyst of the British Psychoanalytical Society and an IPA member.
His original studies were in philosophy, classical literature & history, Oxford University, followed by medicine, psychiatry and later psychoanalysis. He works in full time private psychoanalytic practice, London, and has served on both the Ethics and Education Committees in the Institute of Psychoanalysis. Michael has strong links with psychoanalysis in Europe and America, is internationally known as a teacher and lecturer. In 2004 he was Visiting Professor at the San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute. Michael is the author of The Dove that Returns, The Dove that Vanishes: Paradox and Creativity in Psychoanalysis, 2000, Routledge, and co-editor of Before I was I: Psychoanalysis and the Imagination. Collected papers of Enid Balint, 1993, Free Association. He has also published extensively in the International Psychoanalytic Journals. Talks on Psychoanalysis: Michael Parsons: Psychoanalysis and Art podcast.