SATURDAY 15th MAY 2021
Speakers: Dr Jo O’Reilly and Phil Stokoe  (UK)
Date: Saturday 15th May, 2021
Time: 1800-2200 AEST (UK 0900-1300 GMT)

Dr Jo O’Reilly
Fear, Loss and Estrangement: the emotional impact of the Covid pandemic upon staff working in mental health and how the organisation can help.

Phil Stokoe
The impact of Covid on the healthy function of organisations and teams:
recognising isolation and its effects 

NB: Watch this space for further details, and on-line registration, which will be available shortly. Registrations will also include a video-copy of the conference for those unavailable to attend the changed timing.

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2021 Advance Notice

2020 Freud Conference rescheduled to Saturday 7th May, 2022Details here.