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Freud Conference

The Freud Conference is an annual Melbourne event, which applies psychoanalytic thinking to the broader psychosocial context, combining it with clinical material. Based on different themes each year, and linked with current affairs, eminent international and local speakers from the psychoanalytic community and related academic fields are invited to present their work. The Freud Conference was originally established 1977 by Prof Douglas Kirsner, Deakin University, with the assistance of colleague Ron Gilbert. In 1998, after 21 years, Doug decided to cease running this very popular annual conference so Dr Christine Hill took over responsibility for keeping it going. Without university backing she formed a small committee of volunteers from membership of the three major clinical Australian Psychoanalytic Associations, and included an Administrator and Design/Media Consultant. The Freud Conference has continued to attract very wide attendances from all over Australia and internationally. Philip Adams, a very experienced radio broadcaster, and with a keen interest in psychoanalysis, usually interviews the keynote speakers on his RN Late-Night- Live program. This provides great nationwide advance publicity for the conference. The current committee members are: Chris Hill (AAGP/PPAA), Ros Glickfeld (APAS), Maryana Podreka (AAGP), Gurli Hughes (Administrator) and Damien Pierce (Design/Media Consultant).

Advance Notice

Freud Conference 2019

Saturday 25th May

Keynote speakers

Professor Mark Solms, noted psychoanalyst & neuroscientist, Sth Africa

Dr Ellen Broad, author and elite data expert in AI, Australia

Watch this space!